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Snowmobile tours Luleå. Combine the speed and excitement of a snowmobile with the beauty of Luleå in winter. Snowmobiles allow you to feel the freedom of covering large areas in a short space of time, its a fabulous way to get around. You can go on a short or a longer snowmobile tour where you will drive over frozen sea ice, through forest and discover animal life. We offer different tours, from 2 to 4 hours.  Along the way stops are made for tea or coffee, where the guide will tell you about the surroundings and about life and nature in Swedish Lapland. With the longer tours you even have the chance to try your luck with ice-fishing!

The destination of the 4 hour is the island Brändöskär in the outermost archipelago, an idyllic fishing village dating from the 17th century. The chapel from 1774 and one of the fishing-huts will be visited. Outside the island is the frozen Bothnian Bay with its seemingly endless fields of pack ice and snow. Some years the blue ice of the sea piles up into high formations. Are you planing to come to Luleå? Between December and April there will be daily departures, you can book online or call for more information Luleå Travel +46(0)70 6666 805