Northern Lights Photography holiday

Northern Lights photography holiday

This New Year’s Eve travel package is suitable for photographers of all levels and is led by professional photographer Peter Rosén who has more than 20 years of experience in professional photography. He offers you an in-depth photo course on how to capture the aurora, stars, galaxies, Sámi culture, wildlife and the spellbinding midwinter landscape in the best possible way.

Peter will bring you the full story behind your beautiful images. The history of the breath taking nature and exciting culture of Lapland is an essential part of every tour. Your will learn about the Sámi culture which is an integral part of this region, the fascinating science behind the Northern lights, the unique ecosystem you are in and how it has been shaped by natural forces over the millennia. The animals and vegetation are specialised to survive this climate, from the lichens clinging to rocks up to the majestic moose. Every photo you shoot captures some aspect of Lapland culture, science and history.

The fleeting nature of the Northern lights means it is naturally difficult to guarantee you will see them, but to date we have been thrilled! This means that all previous guests participating on multi-day tours ever since the start six years ago have seen and captured the northern lights in beautiful environments.  Contact us for more information or visit our website for more information about this New Year’s Eve special travel package Northern Lights Photography.  Photo; Peter Rosén

Travel date: 28 December – 1 January 2019