Aurora Winter Glamping

Aurora glamping

For this winter season we have added a NEW travel package to our Winter holiday assortment:

You now can experience Swedish Lapland with an original Winter Glamping Holiday. During this 5-days winter holiday, you will stay 2 nights in a genuine small scale accommodation and 2 nights in the first glamping site in the world for Arctic winter climate.

Arctic glamping experience

The camp is situated at a very quiet site by the Råne River, about 1h drive from Luleå. Located far away in the forest and away from artificial light, electricity and road networks. Here you can be totally off grid, but still live in comfort. Choose to stay in a heated lavvu room (Sámi tents) or in an aurora glass cone. All rooms in an ideal position for watching the northern lights if they come on. A floating sauna, frozen into the ice and a nice lounge/dining lavvu completes the Artic glamping experience.

The Lavvus include insulated walls, a small glass veranda that is North facing (perfect for the Aurora) and an en-suite washroom consisting of an incineration toilet and wash basin. In each tent there are burners that remain warm throughout the night to keep the tent cosy and warm no matter the temperature outside.

The coast of Swedish Lapland

The camp makes a perfect combination with staying the first or last 2 nights at Brändön Lodge, located on the coast of Swedish Lapland. We also offer the flexibility to extend your stay with an extra night in the World famous Treehotel or the extra ordinary spa hotel Arctic Bath, all located within approx 1h drive from each other.


Available from December to April 2023. Flexibele arrival dates, duration and we can customize the holiday further to your wishes.

Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is Sweden’s northernmost destination. It is the perfect place to experience natural contrasts unlike any other. It is naturally isolated from the rest of the world, being sparsely populated and having its natural openness. About a quarter of a million people, 2.6 % of Sweden’s population live here, resulting in a density of approx. 3 persons/km2. Besides, Swedish Lapland’s tradition and Sámi culture are still very much alive, entwined with reindeers. Some parts of Swedish Lapland have more sled dogs than inhabitants. Swedish Lapland is located within the Aurora oval and barely has any light pollution, the region therefore offers great opportunities to see the magical northern lights!

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Travel date: December – April

Photo credit: Fredrik Broman