Ice Bathing, a fun and freezing adventure


Ice bath Luleå

For upcoming winter season we will offer a new typical Nordic experience. Between December to March you can enjoy a hot sauna in combination with ice bathing in central Luleå. The feeling you will get is euphoric and it will be an experience you will always remember. If you ever have experienced the benefits of putting yourself out of your comfort zone, this is a big one! Winter swimming is an old Nordic tradition. Some say there are health benefits, and the feeling of boosted energy you get after getting up of the cold water surely implies that!

Nordic Experience

This typical Nordic experience starts in the preheated sauna, besides the frozen Luleå river. Here you will meet the other winter swimmers (max 6) and get advice from the instructor before getting into the ice cold water. You will also be guided through the activity, so you get the best experience from your stay in the ice bath. If you prefer a private experience it’s also possible to book the whole sauna.

When you get out of the water, standing outside in your swimming suit in -10 degrees Celsius feels like no big deal. Your body’s survival mechanism is working full time, and you will soon begin to feel sensations you’ve never experienced before. Relax and enjoy this moment of triumph for a while, this feeling that anything is possible and that life has just begun.

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