Kiruna Aurora Dreams

For season 2023/24 we have added a NEW travel package to our Northern Lights  holiday assortment:

Kiruna Aurora Dreams

This 4 day holiday package focuses on chasing the magical Northern Lights in Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost destination. Kiruna’s location within the Auroral Oval offers fantastic opportunities to see the northern lights from September to March. If clear weather, Northern Lights can be seen almost every night during the dark season. With this Northern Lights holiday you will chase the magical Aurora almost every evening. This package also includes a guided tour for you to visit the Kiruna’s landmark ICEHOTEL and meet reindeers in a Sami open air museum. At the same time, you have flexibility to customise your holiday in many ways to explore Kiruna’s surrounding areas. Seasonal activities like hiking and fishing in the Autumn, or Snowmobile and Dogsledding safaris in the winter are easy to arrange for you.


Available from September to March. Flexibele arrival dates, duration and we can customize the holiday further to your wishes.

Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is Sweden’s northernmost destination. It is the perfect place to experience natural contrasts unlike any other. It is naturally isolated from the rest of the world, being sparsely populated and having its natural openness. About a quarter of a million people, 2.6 % of Sweden’s population live here, resulting in a density of approx. 3 persons/km2. Besides, Swedish Lapland’s tradition and Sámi culture are still very much alive, entwined with reindeers. Some parts of Swedish Lapland have more sled dogs than inhabitants. Swedish Lapland is located within the Aurora oval and barely has any light pollution, the region therefore offers great opportunities to see the magical northern lights!

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Travel date: September – March

Photo credit: Ylva Sarri


Swedish Lapland Ski Holiday

For this winter season we have added another NEW travel package:

Swedish Lapland Ski Holiday

This 8 days Swedish Lapland skiing holiday is a perfect combination of staying on the coast of Swedish Lapland and spending time in the rural countryside. In Luleå you will experience iconic activities for the region as Dog Sledding and Snowshoe Walking. While the small village of Kåbdalis offers fun and playful Skiing for the whole family.  Your accommodation will be modern with a nice view and a rental car gives you the flexibility to plan your own outings.

Kåbdalis is about 140 km from Luleå. Here you find 10 slopes, varied powder skiing, a park and a children’s area. The length of the slopes is between 700-1500 m. and the drop height is 210 metres. The children’s lift is free to ride for everyone and has two easy slopes for small and big beginners. For those who feel comfortable in their skiing there are off-piste trails in the woods at varied difficulty.


In Luleå, you will stay in a modern Beachfront bungalow, with wide views over the frozen Luleå river and on a short distance (9km) from the city. In Kåbdalis Ski resort your accommodation will be located next to the ski slopes, offering ski in – ski out possibilities and wonderful view over the ski resort and the lake. Both locations are ideally located to see the magical Northern Lights in the dark polar nights.

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Travel date: December – April

Photo credit: Kåbdalis ski resort / Joakim Nordlund


Swedish Lapland & Lofoten Islands – Self Drive holidays

Did you know that both Northern Norway and Finland are easily to reach with car from Luleå? With our Self Drive holidays, you will get the most of your holiday destination. Besides Swedish Lapland, the routes cover our neighbouring countries Norway and Finland. In the self drive holiday Swedish Lapland & Lofoten islands  we combine the best of 2 countries. Resulting in a well planned route, detailed travel guide and handpicked accommodations on the end of each day. During Autumn you can enjoy the golden autumn colours and the Northern Lights during the evening.

In less then 10 days you will experience both Sámi and Viking culture. Drive through the Swedish Alpines region, national parks and breath-taking Norwegian fjords. The route guides you along the ancient Silver Road from Sweden to Norway over the mountains, crossing the Vestfjord by ferry to the magical Lofoten islands in Norway and back over the mountains to Swedish Lapland.

Lofoten islands
This 9 days package includes Swedish Lapland and the Lofoten islands in Norway.  Along the way, you’ll find a lot stunning viewpoints and picnic spots to wild beaches and picturesque fishing villages. By the end of the journey, you will be rejuvenated by your wilderness involvement like berry picking, short hikes, fishing, kayaking, golden autumn colours and when lucky the Northern Lights!

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Travel date: May – November

Photo credit: Luleå Travel



Highlights Swedish Lapland

We have now updated our exclusive travel package covering the most Northern part of Sweden: Highlights Swedish Lapland winter season 2020/21. With this 8 days travel package you will experience the best Swedish Lapland has to offer during winter. This unique trip starts in Luleå on the coast of the Bothnian Bay and will bring you through endless forests into the mountains by Abisko, one of the best places on earth to watch the magical Northern Lights. Including visits to the Treehotel, Ice Hotel, Aurora Sky Station and winter activities like dog sledding and snowmobiling. Departures dates on request where we can tailor the program further to your wishes.

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Travel date: December – April