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Swedish Lapland & Lofoten (9 days / 8 nights)

This self drive holiday covers the Northern part of Sweden and the Lofoten archipelago of Norway. In 9 days you will drive through some of the world’s most unique landscapes. Following well-researched routes and having pre-booked accommodation on the end of each day.

Self Drive holiday Swedish Lapland and Lofoten

This Self Drive holiday features the dramatic scenery of the Lofoten and Vesteralan islands and the majestic Swedish Lapland landscapes in 9 days. You will experience both Sámi and Viking culture, get familiarised with the Swedish Alpines region, national parks, and breathtaking Norwegian fjords.“Lofoten and Swedish Lapland” guides you to drive along the ancient Silver Road from Sweden to Norway, and a boat ride to the Lofoten islands. You will drive through the fjords, fishing villages and Viking heritages in Lofoten. If you want, you can join a Viking feast!

The package also covers the beautiful Swedish Lapland region from Arjeplog to Abisko. You will visit the traditional Sámi gathering center Jokkmokk and a UNESCO world heritage site Gammelstad. What’s more, you will have opportunities to visit the world famous ICEHOTEL and Treehotel!

In 9 days you will explore the most memorable scenery and landscapes of Lofoten and Swedish Lapland. By the end of the journey, you will be rejuvenated by your wilderness involvement like berries picking, short hikes, rafting, fishing, scuba diving and picnic in either the never-set Midnight Sun or golden Autumn forest. We are ready to welcome you, are you ready?


Car ferry to the Lofoten
  • Period

    May – October

  • Price

    SEK 19900

  • Includes
    • Personal meet and greed at Luleå Airport or train station
    • Rental car, Hertz standard; Volvo V40 or similar. Navigation, unlimited kilometres, extra driver, supercover excess elimination.
    • Car insurance
    • Cross Border fee
    • Map of the region and detailed personal itinerary
    • 8-night accommodation with daily breakfast
  • Accommodation

    Combination of 4-star hotels and fishermen cabins (Rorbuer)

  • Groupsize

    2-4 persons

  • Details
    • Excluding flights
    • Prices based on availability and 2 people sharing a standard double/twin hotel room or higher
    • Rental car pickup and delivery at Luleå Airport or train station
    • Total driving distance around 1600km
    • Minimum age 18 and European B driving license
  • Optional

    Upgrade to a design room of the Treehotel or stay in a floating Cabin of Arctic Bath instead of Treehotel.


Self Drive holiday | Swedish Lapland and Lofoten | 9 days / 8 nights

Self Drive holiday – Swedish Lapland and Lofoten,  1600 km in 9 days


Day 1
From Norrbotten to Västerbotten (driving distance: 131km)


Day 2
Midnight Sun at the Silver Road (driving distance: 218 km)


Day 3
Untamed but stunning Lofoten (driving distance: 283km + ferry)


Day 4
Explore beautiful Reine (free day, you can spend the day according your wishes)


Day 5
Meet the Vikings (driving distance: 121km)


Day 6
Approaching Abisko National Park  (driving distance: 278km)


Day 7
Abisko National Park (free day, you can spend the day according your wishes)


Day 8
Jokkmokk and breathtaking Storforsen (driving distance: 394km)


Day 9
Bring your memory home (driving distance: 98km)

DAY 1 – From Norrbotten to Västerbotten (driving distance: 131km)

Arrival at Luleå airport. Our local guide will greet you and assist with getting your one of the latest models of Volvo rental car at the airport. Leaving the airport, you will be welcomed by the impressive Luleå River. You drive towards the West to Västerbotten County, passing by Piteå and arriving Skellefteå. Your accommodation for the night is located at the centre of Skellefteå’s oldest cultural area. Along the river within walking distance of the town.

Accommodation; 4-star hotel in Skellefteå

DAY 2 – Midnight Sun at the Silver Road (driving distance: 218 km)

To discover the Swedish wilderness, you will follow the ancient Silver Road to the mountainous archipelago, Arjeplog. Here you can visit the Silver Museum to learn the Arjeplog’s Sámi hunter-gatherer traditions and the high-tech car manufacturing industry, you can also explore the wildlife area in the midnight sun during summer!

Accommodation; 4-star hotel in Arjeplog

DAY 3 – Untamed but stunning Lofoten (driving distance: 283km + ferry)

Continue through the ancient Silver Road from Arjeplog to Bodø, across the Norwegian Sea by boat in late afternoon, you will reach the Lofoten Islands and be amazed by the majestic landscape and wild nature! In summer time, you can go hiking, fishing, ocean rafting, scuba diving, surfing in the Arctic Circle as well as bathing in the midnight sun. Tonight you will stay in a fishermen cabin around Reine to feel the fishing culture of Lofoten.

Accommodation; fishermen cabin (Rorbuer) or similar to a 4-star hotel in Reine

DAY 4 – Explore beautiful Reine (driving distance: subject to your plan of the day)

Today you won’t change accommodation. You can spend the time according your wishes and have time to explore the beautiful Lofoten Islands around Reine. Reine is an administrative center and fishing port of Moskenes. Its natural beauty is always used in tourist brochures. One of the must-go attractions is to the mountain Reinebringen, where you can bird view the amazed scenery of Reine. Previously it was difficult to access because of its steep and muddy paths, however in 2019 a stone staircase was built up so now it is easily accessible.

Accommodation; fishermen cabin (Rorbuer) or similar to a 4-star hotel in Reine

DAY 5 – Meet the Vikings (driving distance: 121km)

After breakfast, you will proceed to Borg, where Archaeologists founded the world’s largest Viking longhouse. Here you can meet the Vikings at Lofotr Viking Museum, and not to forget joining the evening feast of the Viking Age!

Accommodation; fishermen cabin (Rorbuer) or similar to a 4-star hotel in Henningsær/ Kabelvåg

DAY 6 – Approaching Abisko National Park  (driving distance: 278km)

Your journey of today will cross the border back to Sweden. You first proceed to Narvik, one of the important Norwegian iron ore export ports. Later you will enter Sweden at Riksgränsen. Going forward, you will reach the enchanting Swedish Alpine region, Abisko.

Accommodation; mountain station (hotel style room) or similar to a 4-star hotel in Abisko

DAY 7 – Abisko National Park (driving distance: subject to your plan of the day)

Today you can spend the day according your wishes. You don’t change accommodation. There is a lot to discover in the Abisko National Park. You can choose between short and longer walking tours in the area. At the Naturum Abisko you find exhibitions and staff who can inform you about the national park. Walk up to the Mount Nuolja, or you may choose to take the chairlift. Nuolja is an excellent starting point for hiking in the Abisko National Park, where you can discover the rich arctic flora and fauna. You may also savour a cup of boiled coffee in the Aurora Sky Station, 900 meter above sea level, while you are bird-viewing the magnificent scenes.

Accommodation; mountain station (hotel style room) or similar to a 4-star hotel in Abisko

DAY 8 – Jokkmokk and breath-taking Storforsen (driving distance: 394km)

Your next destination will be the mining city Kiruna , also known as the “city in motion”. The world famous ICEHOTEL in the village of Jukkasjärvi is only within 20km from Kiruna city center. Continue your journey to the home of indigenous Sámi people Jokkmokk. Visit the Ájtte Museum or visit local handcraft shops for products that made by Sámi people. You need to drive a little extra but it’s worth visiting the nature reserve of Storforsen before heading to the world famous Treehotel. Storforsen is one of the biggest and most impressive rapids in Europe. By the Treehotel you stay in the Treehotel guesthouse. Optional is to stay in one of the 7 unique design tree rooms like UFO, Mirror Cube, UFO , The Cabin or The Birds Nest. 

Accommodation at Treehotel guestroom – double bed room with bathroom. Optional upgrade to Design Tree Rooms  or optional stay in the extra ordinary spa hotel Arctic Bath instead of Treehotel.

DAY 9 – Bring your memory home (driving distance: 98km)

Before flying back, you may have a short visit to Boden, where is the Swedish military stronghold housing the largest base of the Swedish Army. During the two World Wars and the Cold War, the fortress was known as the “Lock of the North” and was held top secret. It is also worth to visit Havre Magasinet, one of the largest Swedish museum exhibiting Nordic contemporary arts and different workshops.

You would not want to miss the UNESCO World Heritage site Gammelstad before getting your flight at the Luleå Airport. Have a safe journey home!

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