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Highlights Swedish Lapland

(8 days / 7 nights)

Experience the best of Swedish Lapland. This holiday starts in Luleå on the coast of the Bothnian Bay and brings you to Abisko, a small village in the mountains and one of the best places in the world to watch the magical Northern Lights.

Highlights Swedish Lapland

Experience the best of Swedish Lapland. This unique trip starts in Luleå on the coast of the Bothnian Bay and will bring you through endless forests into the mountains by Abisko, one of the best places on earth to watch the magical Northern Lights. Between December and April the sea freezes up to a meter thick ice which is perfect for winter activities like dog sledding and snowmobile tours.


The first days you will stay at a genuine small scale accommodation by the coast of the Bothnian Bay. The main building is a log cabin that includes a restaurant a lounge and relaxation area. Here you will have your own cabin with unique view over the frozen sea. On the waterside you will find sauna facilities and a hot tub to relax body and mind after a day with outdoor activities. During  winter a couple of reindeers are kept at the property for guests to visit.

Treehotel and Icehotel

Your holiday will continue to the world famous Treehotel in the middle of unspoiled nature. You will stay the night in the Treehotel guesthouse a homely environment in an authentic 1930-1950 style. If you prefer to stay in one of the 8 uniquely designed Tree Rooms you have the option to upgrade your holiday package.

The next day you will continue your journey by train to Kiruna.  This comfortable train ride across the Arctic winter landscape, will bring you far above the Arctic Circle. The Swedish railway system is ideal for travelling long distances in the northernmost part of the country. The train ride will take a little more than 3 hours and by arrival in Kiruna a short transfer will bring you to the Icehotel, your next unique destination.

The Icehotel is the first hotel made from ice and snow, founded in 1989. A world famous hotel and an art exhibition reborn every winter – 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The rooms are unique and hand carved by artists from around the world. Spending a night in the Icehotel is a surreal experience and a memory for life!

Abisko and Aurora Sky Station

After leaving the unique surroundings of the Icehotel behind you, you will travel further northwards into the Abisko National Park. The Swedish Alpine region close to the Norwegian border. Suggested by Lonely Planet, Abisko is one of the best places on earth to watch the magical Northern Lights. This package includes a chairlift ride up to the Aurora Sky Station, 900 meter above sea level, giving you the excellent panorama starry sky and northern light viewing angles. After 8 days in Swedish Lapland your holiday is here coming to an end. After breakfast, depending on your flight schedule a transfer will bring you to Kiruna airport.

Things to do Lulea
dogsled tour
  • Price from

    SEK 32900

  • Period

    December – March

  • Accommodation
    7 nights hotel accommodation, incl. breakfast buffet;
    • 2 nights in Brändön Lodge, private cabin
    • 1 night in Treehotel guesthouse, twin room
    • 2 nights in Icehotel, warm twin room – Kaamos
    • 2 nights in STF Abisko Mountain Station, superior twin room
  • Including
    • Full board accommodation for 7 nights (breakfast, lunch and daily dinner)
    • Personal welcome at Luleå Airport
    • Transfers
    • Train Boden – Kiruna
    • Artic Circle crossing
    • Winter clothing during outdoor activities
    • Bed linen, towels, final cleaning
    • Wifi
  • Including 4 activities
    • Snowmobile tour
    • Dog sledding tour
    • Forest spa experience
    • Night visit Aurora Sky Station
  • Details
    • Excluding flights (arrival Luleå Airport – departure Kiruna Airport)
    • Prices based on 2 people sharing a twin room
    • On behalf of price changes and availability
  • Optional
    • Snowmobile tour, incl. outdoor lunch (4h).
    • Kiruna City Tour (1.5h) – The city on the move .
    • Kiruna underground mine visit.
    • Treehotel, accommodation in one of the 7 unique design rooms.
    • Icehotel, accommodation in unique Art suite – cold room.
    • Exclusive 4 course dinner at the Aurora Sky Station.


Highlights Swedish Lapland | 8 days / 7 nights

route lulea abisko kiruna
Arrival day – welcome in Swedish Lapland!

Arrival at Luleå airport according to your flight schedule. By arrival you will be welcomed by our guide, who will bring you directly to Brändön Lodge (transfer time about 30 minutes). Welcome and check in at the lodge. Depending on arrival time you can choose to relax, refresh or explore the surroundings; a winter wonderland with minus temperatures, clean air and a landscape covered in snow as far as your eyes can see.

In the evening a 2- course dinner from outstanding quality is served in the main building. At the bar drinks are available which you can enjoy in the restaurant, lounge area; it’s also possible to take them with you to your cabin or sauna facilities.

Optional: Hot tub/outdoor Jacuzzi (1 hour) 

Day 2 – Snowmobile tour 

Waking up in a winter wonderland! Enjoying breakfast, hot steaming coffee and prepare yourself for a amazing 2 hour snowmobile tour through the nearby forests. Snowmobiles allow you to feel the freedom of covering large areas in a short space of time, it’s a fabulous way to get around during wintertime. During the tour you will drive through the nearby forests and over frozen sea. Your guide will ensure that you are at a comfort level suited to your ability. Along the way stops are made for hot beverages, where the guide will tell you about the surroundings and about life and nature in Swedish Lapland.

Optional: upgrade to a 4 hour snowmobile tour (available after 8 January)
On the 4 hour tour you will discover the beauty and unique surrounding of the Luleå Archipelago. The destination of the tour is the outermost islands of the archipelago. This tour is including outdoor lunch which is cooked above open fire. 

Day 3 – Treehotel

Today you will leave the coast behind you and proceed further inland towards the Treehotel. The journey takes approx. 1 hour 15 mins (90km). Upon arrival by the Treehotel, lunch will be ready. You will stay the night in the Treehotel Guesthouse a homely environment in an authentic 1930-1950 style. To enhance your experience, this package includes a 2-hour Tree Sauna for you to renew and recharge your energy! Tonight, you will be served a supreme 2-course dinner with local ingredients. Do you want to spend the night in a very special way? Then we recommend to choose one of the 8 design rooms like; UFO, Mirrorcube or The Cabin  optional to book by this holiday.

Optional: Upgrade to one of the 8 unique Tree Design Room. 

Day 4 – Crossing the Arctic Circle and Icehotel

Crossing the Arctic Circle. Today you will travel by train to Kiruna. This unique journey across the Arctic landscape will bring you far above the Arctic Circle, while you can enjoy the endless winter landscape of Swedish Lapland. The train ride takes about 3 hours and by arrival in Kiruna a short transfer will bring you to the world famous Icehotel.

By the Icehotel you will stay in a warm comfortable hotel room beside the Icehotel. The cold rooms  from the Icehotel are unique and hand carved by artists from around the world. The temperatures are between -5 and -8, spending a night in the Icehotel is a surreal experience and a memory for life. Do you want to spend the night in such a special way? The cold Art Suites are optional to book by your holiday.

Optional: Upgrade to Art Suite – cold room. 

Day 5  Tailor your Swedish Lapland Holiday

Explore Swedish Lapland in your own preferred way! Spend the day according to your wishes, add interesting culture & nature discovery tours or listen to inspiring stories during a Kiruna city tour. On walking distance from the Icehotel is a an easy accessible Sámi meeting place open for visitors. If you eager to learn more about the indigenous people of the region a visit is highly recommended. You can even join the reindeer herders to feed reindeers, throw lasso and experience reindeer sledding too! Or what about take part in a Sami Winter Survivor tour to learn the Sami way of living in the hard winter condition?

Kiruna City Tour – The City on the Move (1.5h)
Northern Lights – Photo Tour (4h)
Sámi culture – Reindeer encounter (3h)
Sami culture – Winter Survivor (4h) 

Day 6  Dog  Sledding & Aurora Sky Station

After staying 2 nights by the Icehotel, today it’s time to proceed further Northwards into the heart of the Abisko National Park. But first, you start the day with an iconic dogsledding tour through the sparkling frozen winter wonderland.  The experience takes about 2 hours in total and it is sure to leave you with some fantastic memories! Transfer to Kiruna train station,  followed by a 1,5-hour scenic train ride towards the STF Abisko Mount Station. Abisko is one of the best places on earth to watch the Northern Lights. In the evening we have included a visit the Aurora Sky Station by chairlift. Up at the Aurora Sky Station there´s a large, outdoor terrace and a lookout tower, where you can stand gazing at the Northern Lights and the stars.

Optional you can add an exclusive 4 -course dinner, giving you a unique experience of local produce from Lapland, and Nordic cuisine. With a log fire crackling in the fireplace and a panoramic view of Abisko down in the valley, you are in the middle of an unbeatable atmosphere!

Optional: Northern Lights – 4-course dinner at Aurora Sky Station. 

Day 7 – Free day to discover the Abisko National park

In the morning you may take it easy after having a late night in the Aurora Sky Station. Alternative you have the flexibility to explore the beautiful Abisko National Park in your preferred way. Learn more about the national park in the nearby visitor centre, or choose from optional activities. You may choose to take part in a scenic snowmobile tour to go high up in the mountain areas, or a calm ice fishing tour around the frozen Lake Torneträsk, maybe a relaxing snowshoe hike into the unspoiled winter wonderland.

Snowmobile Safari to Abisko National Park (2h) 
Ice Fishing (2h) 
Snowshoe walking (2h) 
Back country skiing (3h) 

Day 8 – Departure Day

Depending on the schedule of your return flight, you maybe have some time left to relax or enjoy an additional activity. In case you have an early departure it’s time to get ready and checkout of your hotel room. You will be picked up from the lobby of the Abisko Mountain Station, the transfer to Kiruna Airport takes about 1.5 hour.

This itinerary is a guide for you. We can customise this further, based on your interests and wishes. If you would like to make any changes to your itinerary, just let us know and we will work together with you to tailor the holiday to match your requirements.



Moose is the largest of all the deer species. They reach 170 – 210 cm height at shoulder.  Bulls weigh weigh 380 – 850 kg and cows weigh 200 – 360 kg. Moose are solitary and do not live in families or herds. The calves follow the cow during one year. Their diet consists of both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation. During Summer when food is plentiful they typically feed on herbs and leaves. During Winter they survive on shrubs and buds from Pine trees.

Northern Lights

The bright dancing lights of the Northern Lights are collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. Northern Lights appear in many colours and forms. Winter in the north is a good season to view the lights. The last night of this holiday you will stay in Abisko, one of the best places of the world to see the Northern lights.

Sámi Culture

Sámi Siida is an easy accessible meeting place on walking distance from the Icehotel. Grazing reindeer at the banks of the Torne River, outdoor exhibitions covering nomadic and modern Sámi life, food, arts and crafts. Sápmi is what the Sámi call their land, an area that stretches over Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. It is a nation without borders but not without a history, culture and a language, very much entwined with the reindeer.

Icehotel – Art suites

The cold Art Suites have never been created before. Made from the ice from the nearby Torne River, each room is individually themed and hand carved by artists commissioned from around the world. There are 12 of this type of rooms. The rooms holds a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. The bed is covered with reindeer hides and on top of this, you sleep in a thermal sleeping bag. There are communal changing rooms, toilets and saunas for women and men in the warm section of Icehotel.  Spending a night in the Icehotel is a surreal experience and a memory for life.

Dog Sledding Tour

The Husky; smart, friendly and born to run. As soon as they notice you, the dogs are enthusiastic and all eager to go. Going on a dog sledding tour in Swedish Lapland is an unique experience in many ways. The strength of the dogs and their capability to pull the sled at high speed in the snow covered terrain, the crisp climate and stunning surroundings will give you a thrill never to be forgotten. By he dog sledding tour we have included in this holiday, you even have the chance to control your own team of dogs – an unforgettable experience!

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