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4 days / 3 nights

On Saturday 23th of March 2024 the world’s toughest and longest cross country ski race will take place in Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland. With a distance of 220km, and a track above the Arctic Circle, this race is a completely new type of challenge for modern skiers.

Hotel Travel package

This hotel travel package is made for participants of the Nordenskiölds classical ski race on 24th of March 2024. It combines 3 nights hotel accommodation in central Jokkmokk with bus transfer from Luleå Airport. It ensures your event experience is as enjoyable as possible, making those crucial arrangements allowing you to focus on your race.

Luleå Travel fully understands that the disruptions and distractions of a new environment, changes in schedule and exposure to different foods, can significantly affect athletes. It is important to plan ahead and be sure to travel as stress free as possible.

By arrival in Luleå Airport you will be welcomed by one of our guides who will update you with the latest information and who will make sure you and your luggage will be on the transfer bus to Jokkmokk.

We have made arrangements with Hotel Jokkmokk which is located in central Jokkmokk and on walking distance from “Västra Skolan”  the competition center. From here Saturday morning free buses from the organisation will bring you to the starting point in Purkijaur.

During the event there will be a special buffet dinner and lunch served in the restaurants of the hotels. The popular Ájtte Mountain and Sámi Museum is a five minute walk away from the hotel.

Do you prefer other travel dates?

Feel free to contact us! Based on your wishes and interests we will work together to customise your travel that match your requirements.

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  • Period

    21-24 March 2024 (Thursday / Sunday)

  • Price

    Twin room SEK 5800
    Single room SEK 8600

  • Included
    • 3 nights hotel accommodation, standard twin room or single room
    • Bus transfer from Luleå airport to your hotel and return
    • Breakfast buffet
  • Transfer

    21 March 19:30 Luleå Airport – Jokkmokk
    24 March 14:00 Jokkmokk – Luleå Airport

    Transfer time between Luleå – Jokkmokk about  2.5 hours

  • Details
    • While making the booking, you can choose for paying the full amount or a 25% deposit. The balance invoice will be sent approximately 60 days before arrival.




During the polar explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld’s  second Greenland expedition in 1883, two of the participants, both Sami men from the Jokkmokk mountains, explored the ice covered continent’s inner unknown regions. They skied 460 kilometers in 57 hours. Upon his return, nobody believed what Nordenskiöld said about their achievement. It was considered an impossible feat. To prove his tales were true, Nordenskiöld announced a skiing race in 1884 taking place between Jokkmokk and Kvikkjokk and back, a distance of 220 kilometers. Nordenskiöld believed that distance could be covered within 24 hours.

Eighteen Samis and settlers took part in the race. The winner, Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuorda, crossed the finish line after 21 hours and 22 minutes and Nordenskiöld’s scientific honor was restored.


Are you ready for the world’s longest ski race?
Don’t miss the chance to experience ski history. Sign up now for the 2024 race for a real tough challenge above the polar circle. For the fifth time in modern history, strong men and women will tackle the 220km’s. Will you be on the starting line?

Visit the official Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet website for registration and detailed information about the race.