How to dress for Winter in Swedish Lapland?

Temperature and weather conditions can change very quickly in northern Sweden. Due to the location close to the Arctic Circle the climate is sub-arctic with long cold winters. To enjoy your trip it is important to be properly dressed. When getting dressed, use several layers of clothes. It will both insulate and ventilate!

Layer 1 – Base layer
Closest to your body we recommend a set of thermal underwear in synthetics, wool or woolen mixture.
Synthetics absorb and transport the moisture away.
Wool absorbs the moisture but has the ability to keep you warm even when it is damp.
Avoid cotton since it absorbs the moisture and chills when it gets damp.
Long johns and a long sleeved undershirt; socks.

Layer 2 – Mid layer
The next layer can be of wool or fleece. This layer is for keeping you warm and transporting humidity away from your body.
Wool or fleece pants, turtleneck or fleece sweater; wool boot socks.

Layer 3 – Outer layer
The outer layer protects you from wind and moisture from outside.
Water and windproof winter jacket with hood and padded winter (ski) trousers, waterproof or water-resistant winter boots somewhat larger than normal and with good fraction.
Warm hat; mittens or gloves; and a scarf.

Layer 4 – Reinforcement layer
If the weather gets very cold, or you rest, it is good to have some extra warm clothes to put on top or under a shell garment: Down jacket or vest and thick sweater or vest (wool or fleece)