Unless stated otherwise, the speed limit within towns and villages is 50 km/h. On roads the speed limit is 70 km/h, while 110 km/h is the speed limit on motorways (except for cars with caravans where the limit is 80 km/h). All cars must drive with dipped headlights, even during the day and in bright sunshine. Seat belts are of course compulsory (you know they were invented in Sweden).

From 1 December – 31 March (in case of winter conditions) all cars are required by law to have either studded tires or un-studded winter friction tires. Outside this period, winter tires may be used if the roads are considered to be in “winter conditions” by the local police. Foreign registered cars are no longer exempt from this requirement.

The alcohol limit is very low: 0.2 per mile. Be aware that random alcohol checks are also done in the morning, for example at ferry terminals. Don’t drink and drive in Sweden – never, ever.