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Self Drive Holiday

Swedish Lapland (8 days / 7 nights)

Take the wheel and let Swedish Lapland amaze you during this 8 days Self Drive holiday in Swedish Lapland. From the coast, through dense pine forest to alpine surroundings, a breathtakingly beautiful journey that is unlike any other.

Self Drive holiday Swedish Lapland

Take the wheel and let Swedish Lapland amaze you during this 8 days Self Drive holiday in Swedish Lapland. From the coast, through dense pine forest to alpine surroundings, a breathtakingly beautiful journey that is unlike any other. Experience culture, nature, traditions and taste local food under the midnight sun or northern lights during Autumn.

Sámi Culture

Since prehistoric times the Sámi people of Arctic Europe have lived and worked in this area. They have followed their reindeer to different seasonal grazing areas for thousands of years. During this holiday you will visit traditional Sámi places like Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur and Jukkasjärvi. Following a well-researched route into Laponia World Heritage Site with dramatic mountain formations.

During this self drive holiday, you will learn about the lifestyle of the people who lived here in the north thousands of years ago, and all the way up to modern times

Hiking, canoeing, sightseeing

The locations chosen provide great opportunities for short hikes, canoeing, fishing and guided tours. Some places even offer sightseeing flights with helicopter, an amazing way to see the mountains and nature from a bird eye’s perspective.

200km North from the Arctic circle you will visit the original ICEHOTEL. The world renowned hotel and art exhibition made of ice and snow from the pristine Torne River. The river has an impressive length of 520 kilometres, which you will follow until it flows out into the open sea!


  • Experience and learn more about the indigenous Sámi culture
  • Visit to Sámi village; Arvidsjaur, Jokkmokk and Jukkasjärvi
  • Taste local food: Smoked whitefish, arctic char, cloud berries, reindeer and moose
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Spot wildlife as Reindeer and Moose
  • Picturesque landscapes for photography
  • Refresh and recharge by the stunning nature of Stora Sjöfallet national park. Storforsen and Sjaunja nature reserve
  • Visit to the ICEHOTEL, the world renowned hotel and art exhibition made of ice and snow
  • Amazed by seasonal surprise: never-set midnight sun in Summer; aurora borealis in Autumn
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites: Gammelstad and Laponia
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  • Period

    May – October

  • Price from

    SEK 12900

  • Includes
    • Personal meet and greed at Luleå Airport
    • Rental car, Hertz standard; Volvo V60 or similar. Navigation, unlimited kilometres, extra driver, supercover excess elimination.
    • Car insurance
    • Map of the region and detailed personal itinerary
    • 7-night accommodation with daily breakfast
  • Accommodation

    Combination of 4-star hotels and mountain lodges

  • Groupsize

    2-4 persons

  • Details
    • Excluding flights
    • Prices based on availability and 2 people sharing a standard double/twin hotel room or higher
    • Rental car pickup and delivery at Luleå Airport
    • Total driving distance around 1500km
    • Minimum age 18 and European B driving license
  • Optional
    • ICEHOTEL 365, accommodation in one of the unique Art Suites- cold rooms.


Self  Drive holiday | Swedish Lapland | 8 days / 7 nights

Self Drive holiday- Swedish Lapland,  1500 km in 8 days

DAY 1 – Welcome to Luleå, gateway to Lapland (driving distance 9 km)

Arrival at Luleå airport. Our local guide will greet you and assist with getting your one of the latest models of Volvo rental car at the airport. On the short drive to your hotel, you will be welcomed by the impressive Luleå River when you cross the bridge connecting Luleå with the southern mainland. Spent the night in Luleå city center.

DAY 2 One of Europe’s biggest rapids (driving distance 210 km)

Starting the day driving towards the UNESCO word heritage site Gammelstad. Located about 10 km more inland then Luleå and the districts main cultural symbol. Learn more about the culture and history, before proceeding to one of Europe’s biggest rapids and ending the day in Arvidsjaur. A beautiful small town of 4,500 people in the middle of Swedish Lapland, with a rich Sámi cultural history.

DAY 3 – Crossing the Arctic Circle  (driving distance 260 km) 

Being an ancient Sámi region, Arvidsjaur preserves interesting architectural heritages. Including Lappstaden, a series of wooden huts built by the nomadic Sámi people used when visiting the church in Arvidsjaur. The tour continues today to Jokkmokk, crossing the Arctic Circle and proceeding towards the West. Into the alpine surroundings. Your accommodation for tonight is on the ancient route to the mountains and Norway. Here, the Sámi moved by with their reindeer herds.

DAY 4 – Swedish Wilderness gem (driving distance: subject to your plan of the day)

Waking up in the middle of stunning nature and peaceful surroundings. Easy access to hiking trails into the mountains, swimming in the lakes, canoeing and fishing. Here you can spend the day according your wishes. Where you can choose from several guided tours including sightseeing flights with helicopter into Sarek National Park.

DAY 5 – Alpine nature in the high Nordic region (driving distance 230 km)

Today’s route will lead you back alongside the waterside inland to Porjus. The last town before you enter the Laponia World Heritage Area, which includes 4 national parks. Imposing mountain ridges, deep sculpted valleys, high boulder fields and beautiful pine primeval forests. The mountain celebrated in the Swedish children’s classic about Nils Holgersson is here: the Akka massif, also known as “the Queen of Lapland”.

DAY 6 – The world famous ICEHOTEL (driving distance 250 km)

Time to leave the Alpine region behind you and continue Northwards to the village of Jukkasjärvi. Two hundred kilometres above the Arctic Circle. Here the world famous ICEHOTEL is located alongside the Torne River. ICEHOTEL is a hotel and an art exhibition made out of ice and snow. On short distance you will find the Sámi settlement Markanbáiki, an easily accessible, vibrant meeting place in Jukkasjärvi for day visitors who want to engage their senses to experience Sápmi. Get up close and personal with reindeer, stroll through the outdoor exhibition area and try traditional Sámi food in charming Café Sápmi.

DAY 7 – Following the  Torne River (driving distance 340 km)

Torne River with its impressive length of 520 kilometres, runs from the ancient mountains in the west to the coast in the east. Where it flows out into the Bay of Bothnia. Most of the day you will follow this untouched river until the route ends in the picturesque fishing village of Kukkola, on the border of Sweden and Finland. Here you can taste the local speciality ‘smoked whitefish’ by the perfect rapids scenery.

DAY 8 – Bring your memory home (driving distance 150 km)

After daily having new experiences it’s time to travel homewards. Depending on the time of your return flight, it’s time to start driving to Luleå. You can look back on an amazing eight days visit to Swedish Lapland. Have a safe journey home!

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