Swedish Lapland Ski Holiday

For this winter season we have added another NEW travel package:

Swedish Lapland Ski Holiday

This 8 days Swedish Lapland skiing holiday is a perfect combination of staying on the coast of Swedish Lapland and spending time in the rural countryside. In Luleå you will experience iconic activities for the region as Dog Sledding and Snowshoe Walking. While the small village of Kåbdalis offers fun and playful Skiing for the whole family.  Your accommodation will be modern with a nice view and a rental car gives you the flexibility to plan your own outings.

Kåbdalis is about 140 km from Luleå. Here you find 10 slopes, varied powder skiing, a park and a children’s area. The length of the slopes is between 700-1500 m. and the drop height is 210 metres. The children’s lift is free to ride for everyone and has two easy slopes for small and big beginners. For those who feel comfortable in their skiing there are off-piste trails in the woods at varied difficulty.


In Luleå, you will stay in a modern Beachfront bungalow, with wide views over the frozen Luleå river and on a short distance (9km) from the city. In Kåbdalis Ski resort your accommodation will be located next to the ski slopes, offering ski in – ski out possibilities and wonderful view over the ski resort and the lake. Both locations are ideally located to see the magical Northern Lights in the dark polar nights.

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Travel date: December – April

Photo credit: Kåbdalis ski resort / Joakim Nordlund